Riester (Zomba) Several air horns sounded in unison and the normally frantic pace of construction became quiet.
Haberstroh (Bialowieza) Here are some of them.
Queeley (Wellendingen) Open men's singles champions.
Stephany (Hammersbach) Now they'll meet on hard courts at the U.S.
Fico (Johnson Creek) What was it like for 2003 U.S.
Meua (Glemsford) Hardly a good combination for the last American man in the U.S.
Leister (Vex) Most popular posts 6 comments , including: I do not think either of those false tweets are humorous at all.
Zarzuela (Zdiby) Then, as now, the tweets were quickly dismissed as the work of pranksters.
Demling (Encruzilhada) Updated at 8:45 p.m.
Wlodarek (Parakai) Technology evolves at the speed of light.
Guglielmi (Ketou) Protesters covered one of the ministry's gates with graffiti and tore off parts of the large ministry seal.
Hutchin (Origgio) Senior Israeli officials were holding discussions on the embassy breach.
Foulk (Kivik) State radio reported that one person died of a heart attack.
Olowe (Touro) The military moved about 20 tanks and troop transport trucks into the area.
Wayns (Vyskov) By that time, the crowds of youths had swelled to several thousand.
Penix (Pangil) They encountered three Israelis and beat one of them.
Pigao (Bolingit) He showed a reporter cell phone video footage he said he recorded inside of young men ransacking the room.
McCarroll (Tambov) They replaced it with the Egyptian flag.
Shambaugh (Hered) No one answered the phone at the embassy late Friday.
Merseal (Mondovi) He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to release the information.
Sfatcu (Haslev) Once the dog was allowed outside the yard, and it knocked my daughter over.
Wical (Fuente el Saz) I don't pay it much attention, but my kids are scared of it.
Billotte (Bagdad) Peter King, that Muslim community involvement in disrupting terrorism plots is uncommonly low.
Bargerstock (Trutnov) But the political motivations behind their acts were diverse in ways that the participants themselves were not.
Ketelsen (Scortoasa) They were arrested in 2003.
Javery (Albany) Yet this is not the case for other terrorists.
Saade (Yoichi) The agency will hold a hearing next month to determine whether further restrictions are warranted.
Aery (Taule) The community takes ownership of the means of safety.
Estevez (Elbeyli) Neither overstay was detected by immigration authorities.
Colasuonno (South Holland) In all, the Romney campaign estimates his plan, if fully enacted, would create 11 million jobs over four years.
Braucks (La Lima) Let's take a step back.
Lias (Bekessamson) Investors are increasingly worried about the prospects of larger countries such as Italy and Spain.
Oleskiewicz (Sielenbach) May 2011: Mr Stark warns that lending to Greek banks would be impossible should Greece default on its government bonds.
Keks (Paddaya) Where do I turn?
McCullin (Liminka) I fear both parties will just tell old folk to fade away.
Prag (Bedekovcina) Now I know there is abuse both by patients and doctors, but does anyone have a clear opinion on who is doing what?
Kronberger (Saumalkol') As colossal as the quake, tsunami and nuclear accident were, they don't begin to match the ...
Nerio (Quern) After aid organizations and the local media took notice, boats, equipment and donations flowed in.
Agerter (Burgos) They could share boats and equipment, and each of them would need less capital and have lower overheard.
Alvord (Thilay) They were surprised to find the ocean clean.
Obenshain (Coupar Angus) The shallow waters where they once grew oysters had become a repository for wrecked boats and cars, and bodies.
Schuepfer (Koungheul) They were afraid of what they might find there.
Cotreau (Paoua) For the few whose boats survived, there is nowhere to sell or store their catch.
Delabarre (Salqin) He lived with his parents until last October.
Pawloski (Nalundan) Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have streamed into the devastated northeast to help out.
Polhill (Talawdi) Not all of the new activists are protestors.
Lorelli (Eibau) Public opposition has blocked the restart of nuclear reactors shut for routine maintenance.
Tomkins (Kobyli) Much of the new activism is focused on the nuclear accident.
Goyda (Solaize) Residents have been planting sunflowers, which are thought to help rid the soil of radioactive cesium.
Frascone (Ligayan) But skepticism about those efforts abounds.
Labella (Ahero) Officials are testing food and laying plans to decontaminate communities.
Dipiero (Laufach) Reports of contaminated beef in supermarkets have the entire nation worried.
Hanenberger (Yaroslavl') Only a handful of households there have been evacuated.
Daughetee (Realmont) He blinked his eyes, firmly.
Marcum (Buitrago del Lozoya) But political gridlock, among other problems, has stalled discussion about changes.
Martelli (K'anak'erravan) The next morning, the survivors were rescued by helicopter.
Hartrum (San Miguel Zinacantepec) He is digging into savings and earning about $1,300 a month.
Heizer (Faremoutiers) Now he gets up every morning at 6:30 to pick strawberries or tomatoes at nearby farms.
Androlewicz (Tartki) Before the quake, Mr Abe earned about $130,000 a year.
Hayhoe (Yaguajay) The official bureaucracy is forcing him to make a painful choice.
Fanara (Choix) His debts total about $390,000.
Barberio (Filipestii de Tirg) Family photographs sat on the altar of his home, still precariously tilted from the earthquake.
Cheda (Jozefow) But some of the unfolding changes are painful.
Olli (New Ipswich) Police stations and schools are near full service, and supermarkets and gas stations are reappearing.
Gillman (Hueyotlipan de Hidalgo) The rubble, once scattered across a ruined landscape, is now in tidy mountains.
Tole (Muyinga) Most of those in evacuation centers have moved to temporary homes.
Forinash (Mengcheng) Japan has indeed made considerable progress since nearly a half million people were left cold and homeless in March.
Kalberg (Panguna) Yet his best career moves have been negotiated deals, careful compromises that rewarded him with a personal fortune.
Hirstein (Al Jafr) But they differed sharply on what approach to take.
Pasaya (Vigneulles-les-Hattonchatel) The greenback rose to 0.8836 Swiss francs from 0.8750 the previous day.
Carsey (Podensac) Speculation that embattled Greece could default on its sovereign debt this weekend also put markets on edge.
Kieser (Liloan) Sports movies, said the actor, traditionally work on some level (because they're about) winning, overcoming adversity.
Bozzo (Mange) Critics widely praised Pitt's performance.
Fazzari (Chincoteague) He beat me here in 2008 when he reached the final.
Radmacher (Meerut) He is one of the most talented players on the tour.
Detrolio (Marietta) There were a couple of loose shots and I got some lucky breaks, he said.
Checa (North Baltimore) That incident followed a series of Negev desert ambushes that killed eight Israelis.
Huston (Farmersville) Gunfire was later heard in the area.
Tumpkin (Mont Belvieu) State television quoted an interior ministry official as saying that foreign hands were behind the violence.
Suhoski (Fauvillers) The documents, in Arabic, English and Hebrew, bore the watermarks of the embassy.
Scarsdale (Todiresti) And the gatherings won't be over then, either.
Hippe (Thoiry) There are, of course, many, many other events across the city Sunday.
Deroberts (Casella) It's modeled after her downtown apartment, which filled with debris after the attacks.
Liehr (Vimperk) From Chelsea galleries to Broadway theaters, the cultural landscape of the city will be busy Sunday.
Supple (Vavozh) He says he felt pretty good on the ice but wants to see how his body recovers.
Mu (Chertsey) It's exciting for them, too.
Molloy (Tuckahoe) Now she finally gets a chance to play on the domestic sand.
Cubine (Cabrero) I will never forgive.
Mehdi (Planice) He murdered three people. ...
Vallieres (Sesslach) I created victims for it, he said.
Cullars (Pago Veiano) I was not a victim of it.
Taborn (Grenoble) Her father met with British political leaders to seek backing for setting up a drug rehab center in her name.
Carlton (Seattle) They were looking forward to attending a friend's wedding in a few days and were planning a trip to St.
Feddes (Cleveland) He said she had not taken drugs since December 2008.
Puls (Santa Elisabetta) He said he was comforted by the outpouring of support from her fans.
Rone (Santa Rosa) He said the periods of abstinence were becoming longer, and the periods of drinking were becoming shorter.
Clore (Sopo) The search warrant was issued so that the investigator could determine whether others might be involved.
Robson (Highland) Attempts to reach Martin for comment were not immediately successful.
Pates (Pobe) Surveillance videos show Martin's girlfriend using the card, the search warrant affidavit says.
Mormino (Nemencine) He said Martin is due in court for arraignment on Sept. 13.